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What have you done for Indonesia based on the inspiration from your favorite hero?


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Pahlawan Inspirasiku “Raden Ajeng Kartini”
Raden Ajeng Kartini

I have a Makassar language assignment, I was asked to tell about a hero but I'm confused which hero I want to tell.

Yes, I also have a task like that, I told Raden Ajeng Kartini.

Wow, it turns out that we are the same, I also mention Raden Ajeng Kartini because he is a pioneer in advancing women's education.

Yes, his thoughts and ideas are able to elevate the status of women to be equal to men.

I also chose Raden Ajeng Kartini because there are so many things we can take as inspiration from the good qualities of Raden Ajeng Kartini. Like he was intelligent and broad-minded.

Even though he had left school after the age of 12 and was kept in seclusion, Raden Ajeng Kartini was still enthusiastic about learning new things at home. Through his father's subscription reading box (leestrommel), he enriched his knowledge through books, newspapers, and magazines from within and outside the country.

He is also a person who never gives up wanting to raise the status of women in Indonesia.

In order to advance women in Indonesia, during her seclusion, Kartini opened a school for girls who lived near her house. He teaches reading, writing, arithmetic, singing, and other skills.
Property "Biography example text mak" (as page type) with input value "Raden Ajeng Kartini</br></br>Niak tugasa bahasa mangkasarakku, nisuroa accarita passala pahlawan mingka lippua kana pahlawan apa. </br></br>Iyo nakke poeng niak tugasa kammaku anjo, nakke raden ajeng kartiniji lakupau. </br></br>Iyo... singkammaki, nakke iya tonji anjo ka iya singkamma pappijokja ilalang kamajuanna pangngissenganna siagang kacaraddekanna bainea. </br></br>Iyo, pikkiranna akkulei na panaik daraja'na bainea assingtinggi buraknea. </br></br>Nakke poeng, ka R.A. Kartini jai sikali akkulle nipare pappijokjo battu ri sipa bajikna nikanaya R.A. Kartini. Iya kammai tau carakdde siagang tau luarak pangngissenganna. </br></br>Mannapoeng ammari assikola ri umur sampulonrua taung na ni kurung (tena sulukang balla), Kartini lompoji sumanga'na appilajara abboya pangngassengang ri ballakna. Appilajaraki battu ri bacang niaka napasadia bapakna (leestrommel), napakajai pangngissenganna battu ri bukua, sura'kabara siagang bacang maraenganna pole battu ri pakrasangang maraenga. </br></br>Kartini poeng tau tinggi sumanga'na. Eroki napakatinggi bainea ri indonesia. </br></br>Ilalang nikurungna, kartini appaentengi sikola baine sollanna anjo bai-bainea rikampong akkullei assikola. Iya poeng angngajara ammaca, annulisi, ekrekeng, akkelong siagang pangngisengang maraenganna pole." contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process.

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