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Bandung, Jawa Barat
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Raden Dewi Sartika is one of the heroes in Indonesia. Dewi Sartika was born on 4 December , 1884 in Cicalengka, Bandung Regency. Her father's name is Raden Somanagara and her mother's name is Nyi Raden Ayu Rajapermas.

Raden Dewi Sartika has had an interest in education since she was little. It was her parents who introduced her to the world of education, even though it was against the society's view of women at that time. Because of her ability to read and write, she often teaches the knowledge she has to her friends around her.

On January 16, 1904, Dewi Sartika founded the Wife School in Bandung. This school is the first and oldest girls' school in Indonesia. In this school, women are taught to read, write, and count. Not only that, they are also taught how to sew.

Raden Dewi Sartika never complained in spreading education to women because she wanted women to be strong and not only depend on men for their lives.

The story of Raden Dewi Sartika is very inspiring for women, especially the younger generation, to continue to be enthusiastic in gaining knowledge. This is because women can now become equal figures with men. In this way, women can continue to pursue education and achieve their desired goals.
Property "Biography example text mak" (as page type) with input value "MAKASSAR</br></br></br>Raden dewi sartika iyamintu sala sekrenna pahlawang niaka ri indonesia. Dewi sartika nilaksukkangi ri cicalengka kabupateng bandung, tanggalak appak (4) desember, taung sisakbu lapang bilangngang lapang pulo ngappa (1884). Manggena niarengi Raden Somanagara. Ammakna niarengi Nyi Raden Ayu Rajapermas. </br></br>Raden Dewi Sartika Caddi caddi inji na niak memangmo panngainna Mae ri pappilajarranga. Tau toana ampawwangangi antekamma Anjo pappilajarranga, Mannamo Tena na ajjulu pandapa siagang tau akkamponga punna Baine assikola ri jammang riolo. ri nasaba caraddena ammaca siagang annulisi, sikarepaki na ajara agang- agang bainena ri kampongna.</br></br>Ri wattunna tanggalak sampulo ngannang (16) Januari taung sisakbu salapang bilangngangna appa (1904), Dewi Sartika appaentengi sikola baine ri Bandung. Anne sikolayya, sikola nomoro se're ni paenteng siagang sikola paling toa ri Indonesia. Anrinnimi Anne ri sikolayya niajara tau bainea ammaca, annulisi, siagang arrekeng. Niajara Tompi pole anjai'.</br></br>Raden dewi sartika Tena na lebba akkunraring rilalanna anngajarri sininna tau bainea nasaba nakillai Anjo sininna tau bainea gassingi, nakullei na tallassi kalenna Tena na panrannuanngi tallasana ri buranea. </br></br>Carita katallassanna Raden Dewi Sartika sannaki napassumangaki tau baibainea sollanna na assikola tinggi. Ia minne nipasabbakkang kamma-kamma Anne tau bainea assijajarami tau buranea, lanri kammanami Anjo tau bainea akkullemi assikola tinggi sanggena narapi cita-cita Anjo nakerokia." contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process.

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